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475 kHz / 630m Project Notes

This article is a set of notes to contribute towards the club 475 kHz (or 630m) project. Since the project potentially includes the design and build of transmitters, receivers and antenna systems members are encouraged to contribute ideas and information to this article and spawn different articles as necessary.


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At the beginning of 2015 whilst planning the year's activities, Paul, G3SXE, suggested that we have a go at a major international HF contest. Whilst the group have experience of competing in smaller short duration contests such as the RSGB backpackers', VHF activity and 21/28MHz contests, big HF contests are a completely different proposition...


Forthcoming Events

Tue May 31 20:00 -
RSGB 70MHz Activity Contest
Thu Jun 2 21:00 -
Club Net
Sat Jun 4 All Day
RSGB CW National Field Day
Mon Jun 6 20:00 -
Club Meeting
Thu Jun 9 21:00 -
Club Net
Thu Jun 16 21:00 -
Club Net
Thu Jun 23 21:00 -
Club Net

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